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BELLUS 100-2


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Laser Hair Removal 640-750 nm/1200nm

Laser Vascular Therapy 590nm

Laser Skin Rejuvenation 560nm

Laser Pigment Therapy 530 nm

Laser Acne Therapy 430 nm

Laser Stretch Marks 560nm

Laser Scar Therapy 560 nm +530 nm

Laser Tattoo Removal 532nm-1064nm

Laser Hemangioma Removal 532nm

Laser Nail Fungus 1064nm

Laser skin tags removal 1064nm

Laser Skin Max/ Carbon Laser 1320 nm

 Maintenance of the Machine is buyer’s responsibility and warranty does not cover it. Buyer must check machine water levels and that all lamps or filters are working properly.

Manufacturer is not responsible for any malpractices. All Devices are sold to licensed professionals. Refer to chart for technical/practical references and guidance

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Laser Bellus 100-2 offers ND YAG Q Switch,  IPL/YAG and Elight

ND YAG Q Switch is used for tattoo removal, pigment therapy, skin Max, Hemangioma removal and Nail fungus removal. The hand piece is fragile and not covered under warranty. Must change spot size according to training and chart provided for technical/practical references. Minimum of 6 sessions per treatment and may be increased as needed. However patient must wait for the skin to heal. Refer to pre and post treatment care for more details.

IPL/YAG = this combination brings us  the cooling system and the benefit of being able to program and adjust the machine according to parameters needed as you can do with IPL but at the same time has the efficacy and strength the YAG provides. Patients may differ to amount of treatments depending on the medical history. If the patient suffers from hirsutism, PCOS/ any hormonal imbalance, or if the patient is taking protein shakes or biotin pills both must be discontinued. Hair is 97% protein when we increase the levels of protein patient may suffer from more hair growth. Biotin stimulates hair growth therefore interferes with treatment.

Elight= IPL + Radiofrequency excellent for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle therapy for patients over age 45


In the event that the patient is a minor a referral from the pediatrician is needed and the written consent of both parents.

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